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Our team is here to help you understand your options.

We prioritize our salespeople and inspectors being certified in storm damage inspections for a simple reason; homeowners and property owners need someone on their side when addressing an insurance claim. We saw a need for qualified contractor help that shouldn’t cost you additional money to help understand your options. We have built a team of former insurance adjusters and professionals as well as estimators, with vast experience in identifying proper scope of work needed to make you whole again and who utilize the same estimating software of most large insurance carriers. This is how we put our experience on your side to help ensure you are able to rebuild when replacement is necessary.

How we assist:

We will be present for all insurance inspections for you. We build files and estimates based on real damages and proper scope of work needed to rebuild your damaged roofs and buildings. We have relationships with local engineers who will provide outside opinions when necessary as well as a network of construction law professionals who will work for you if the need arises. If you commit to us, we will be a single vested source to help you from initial inspections to completed projects and everything in between.