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Our initial inspections always include inspecting for weather related damages. We believe it is important for you to be informed of all of your options. Often times weather damage on a roof goes unnoticed from the ground and you have the potential of obtaining full replacement coverage through your insurance carrier which typically means your only out of pocket expense is your deductible. We cannot guarantee coverage but we can work on your side to ensure accurate results.

Fortunate to have worked in our communities for so long, we have great past and current customers willing to talk you on their experience with Knox Services contact us for more information.

Almost always yes is the answer. Roofing over existing roofing can sometimes lead to covering existing issues. Our best practice is to get down to the decking, ensure no issues are present and install a truly new system for your peace of mind (and ours!)

Our project managers scout the perimeter of your homes and buisnesse to plan ahead for protective action whether that be tarping landscaping or laying down plywood in areas where dumpsters or dump trailers will need to be placed. Although it is construction, our goal is to leave your area in as good or better condition as we found it.

Our eyes are always to the sky, even days before your work is scheduled to begin. If inclement weather is probable, we will reschedule the start of your work to be as least inconvenient as possible. Especially during rain seasons, our crews are always informed and prepared for weather to show up during work and take preventative measures in the field.

Waranties differ on each type of product we install. Fortunately working with some of the best manufacturers in roofing materials such as GAF, we are able to offer the highest level of warranties available. Warranties such as the Golden Pledge cover defects for 50+ years as well as 25 years of manufacture backed labor warranty. Low slope roofing warranties up to No Dollar limit and 20-30 years.

This depends on many factors. Shingle roofs on standard roofs can often be completed in one day. More complex roofs require just as much attention to detail and we want the work done right the first time. Other factors include are there city building inspector inspections required, is there dry in time and so on. Our goal is to be as efficient and non disruptive as possible while ensuring we don't rush a job just to be done.

From your salesperson, to your Project Manager, to our production staff in office, we are always here to take your call. Being informed and being on the same page is as important to you as it is to us.

We are fully licensed general contractors in the state of Indiana and licensed roofing contractors in the state of Florida. Fully insured and Bonded. We are also Master Elite and Master Select Certified Roofers through GAF, as well as certified by many of the manufacturers whose products we sell and install.

We want to earn your business. Whether it is a simple roof quote or a more complex insurance assistance situation, we do not charge for our services until we are ready to install and complete your project. Our goal is to help you understand your options and choose what best fits your budget and your goals.